Code Name Hélène

by Ariel Lawhon  

Nancy Wake is a real person; war heroine.

Nancy was a young Aussie who worked in the Hearst Newspaper office in England. One of her first assignments was to interview Adolf Hitler. The byline was blank as women-only wrote about fashion and home design.

Code Name Helene Book CoverShe was married to Henri Fiocca, son of one of the wealthiest warehouse tycoon’s in France. Nancy and Henri had a life envied by many; they craved each other and had a passionate love for each other.

But Henri knew Nancy was a force and when Henri was called up to serve, Nancy became an ambulance driver. But not before Henri was able to teach her how to hold her liquor and swear like a true Frenchman.

The things she witnessed in Germany, England, and France lead her to her role as an SOE agent. While she saw first-hand the atrocities committed by German soldiers, she never imagined she would kill one of the most devious with her own hands. She was brazen.

She parachuted from The Liberator behind enemy lines; carried knives and revolvers tucked into pants; all the while wearing the deepest red lipstick like a true French woman. Nancy led thousands of men and worked within a very small circle of SOE agents. Her job was to organize resistance fighters and supply them with weapons, money, and food. She was a fierce warrior in the field and expected nothing of her men that she wasn’t willing to do herself. She joined her men in plucking hundreds of shipping crates of guns and supplies from drop zones while working to unite the French resistant fighters. She would demand their respect and they would eventually admire her. Times, when she was running for her life while being shot at only, made her stronger and more willing to win the war for her adopted France.

She surfaced on the German map as a terrorist and nicknamed “The White Mouse”. A huge bounty was placed on her head.

This is her story.





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