Well, I finished my second book, and now comes the undertaking all self-publishers dread – self-promotion.


I have long been fascinated by the “hero pulps” that featured a larger-than-life recurring character who fought to defeat a master villain’s epic plans of world domination.  Long before James Bond appeared –  Doc Savage, G8, Captain Future, Secret Agent X, and a host of others fought the men of evil at the risk of their own lives.

The list of other inspirations for my book includes – Jules Verne, Jonny Quest, The Wild, Wild, West, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., and Silver Age comic books.

Captain Goodheart Against the Power R.I.M.

In the footsteps of classic adventurers like Odysseus, Doc Savage, Alan Quartermain, Tom Swift, Professor Challenger, and Terry and the Pirates comes Captain Adam Goodheart, the Legend of the Seven Seas, in his first great epic tale. Goodheart is an adventurer with a mission to stop evil and right wrongs worldwide.

Captain Goodheart Book Cover - Power of R.I.M.In this premiere novel, Goodheart faces the Researchers in Magnetism (R.I.M.) a powerful army armed with revolutionary technology and posed to seize control of the world. When mega cargo ships go missing, and Captain Goodheart is summoned to help. The mystery builds as the trail leads to a Marine Biologist and his young research students studying unexplained whale strandings on a remote Pacific island.

Goodheart and his team (Jericho Drake, a hulk of amazing strength, and Topaz, an acrobatic knife welder) arrive in search of the research team now under attack from a mysterious army. It’s a battle of wits and cunning as Captain Goodheart tackles the highly advanced technology of the powerful force. Who are they? What do they want with the researchers? How does it connect to the missing ships?

From the dense foliage of the jungle isle to the enemy’s enormous flying zeppelin, shaped flagship bullets whiz and bones are crushed in each cliffhanging chapter. Never giving up, Captain Goodheart leads his crew against the power of R.I.M. for a no holds bar confrontation in Robur City, headquarters for the Council of Researchers in Magnetism.

In this amazing city in the clouds, Goodheart faces the might of Polar, the leader of R.I.M., a living computer brain with plans to take control of Earth’s magnetic grid. The question is, can Goodheart and his crew stop this monstrosity’ and his army from taking true global power?

“Flying platforms, incredible super science, narrow escapes, and so much more on each pulse-pounding page of this first action-packed Goodheart adventure. Buy it today.”

Tear into Adventure at a Discount

This month, March into Adventure with Captain Goodheart, at a promotional price. From March 9-22, 2020 get the first action-packed installment of this new series for just 99 cents.  Follow this link to make your purchase today: Captain Goodheart Against the Power of R.I.M.

In the Works

Captain Goodheart and the Challenge of The Mummy Assassins

The Princess Menet and her cult plan to open the cosmic gate to allow the primordial gods of Egypt, the Ogdoad, to return to power. Armed with Imhotep’s secret to life after death she resurrects four mummified assassins, condemned to a torturous afterlife for their murder of Ramesses III in 1155 BC. With these mummy juggernauts, the Princess begins a killing campaign in her quest to unify the White and Red crowns of Egypt, and control over the powerful deities of a long-ago age.  It’s a supernatural adventure that pits Captain Goodheart and his crew in a hair-raising battle for their lives.

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