This Won’t End Well by Camille Pagan

I’ll admit I’m more tomboy than romantic. I enjoy working in the yard or hiking a trail, a tad more than dressing up and going out to dinner. So I was hesitant to read this book, thinking it would be gushy romantic. But it wasn’t. And best of all, the protagonist is a scientist; a smart female scientist named Annie.

This Won't End Well - Book Cover Annie is engaged to Jon. Annie has recently resigned from her research scientist position at Sanity Chemical Innovation, where she was sexually assaulted by the CEO. She now runs a small cleaning business where she uses only natural ingredients.

 Jon has a trust fund but only wants to live in Paris where he fits right in with the French scene. He also feels the atmosphere does wonders for his complexion as well as his attitude.

 Leesa is Annie’s best friend. She owns a business called, LiteWeight, which sells essentials and crystals. Annie, being a scientist, is skeptical about the science behind Leesa’s business. But friendship is about acceptance.

 Then there is Annie’s mother Fae, who has some pending issues from a marriage gone bad – even after all these years. And a new neighbor, Harper, who wears dark sunglasses to hide a black eye, and her dog, Moppet.

 Mix these characters together and throw in a Mo (you’ll have to read it to figure this one out) and you have quite the story about the theory of love and how endings really can be new beginnings.

 I enjoyed this book; it had a variety  of different parts that make it work.

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