I’ve shared numerous times that I began listening to audiobooks because they reminded me of my love of Old Time Radio shows. Today many narrators have gotten so good at doing a variety of voices in their work that audiobooks have become an exciting theater of the mind experience.

Scott brick - In Studio
Scott Brick – In Studio – Penguin Random House Audio

I would tell my former co-worker many times that listening to Scott Brick’s work on a Clive Cussler novel was better than watching a Star Wars movie. (Say it isn’t SO!) Therefore, this holiday season I’m encouraging everyone to purchase an audiobook for someone in their family. I’m actually going so far as to say that for today’s On-the-Go Americans it is the BEST GIFT of all. Let us review why….

1 – You can listen while you do other things. Drive, walk, jog, or cook. Audiobooks are hands and eyeballs free allowing you to multitask.  Audiobooks are great for the elderly or disabled who may have issues holding books or turning pages. Disclaimer: Not every task lends itself to the inserting of an audiobook (like working with power tools or delicate surgery) so think before reading.

2 – Once again, audiobook narrators have gotten SO GOOD these books have become blockbuster entertainment.

Illustration by Robert Neubecker.
Illustration by Robert Neubecker.

3 – Audiobooks can help to make some boring task zip along. Students waiting for the school bus or riding to school will seem faster while listening to a story. This is, in fact, true for everyone on the road, waiting on auto repairs, in the doctor’s office, etc.

4 – Like any good book they can transport you to another world.

5 – For those who HATE TO READ they become a method of introducing them to stories and adventures that only can be found when reading. I would tell my co-worker; “This book was awesome, but they’ll never make it into a movie. If you don’t read it you’re really missing out.”

6 –Audiobooks are beneficial for your health. Studies have shown that just like listening to music, storytelling can stimulate parts of the brain that are associated with attention, memory, language, and mood.

7 – Although our reading lists are different, my wife and I often share the enjoyment of an audiobook on long road trips. We discuss the characters, the plot, and if it’s a mystery – the Whodunit – clues.

Old-fashion storytelling8 – Although none of us want to admit it, we really love being read too. Especially when the narrator is awesome. I still remember the books my fifth-grade teacher read to our class. It all goes back our ancestors sitting around campfires telling stories.

9- You can get them free! That’s right, they are also the cheapest holiday gift of all time. Just take that special someone to the library to get a library card. However, if you want to really buy something, then check out Amazon’s Audibles or Audiobooks.com

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