As our close family moved away or passed, the traditional Thanksgiving Dinner became for us an infrequent event. We still gather from time to time around a table with relatives, but for the most part we dine with strangers.

Thanksgiving MenuWe have indulged on a Thanksgiving Buffet in the very elegant Regency Room at The Hotel Roanoke in Roanoke, Va.  The menu, which I have included here features a host of wonder chilled seafood, a delightful salad bar with some rather unique combinations, and Chef Carved (before your eyes) Roasted Turkey and Slow Roasted New York Strip. I believe we went around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, and while crowded the place wasn’t crazy. We have read reviews of out-of-control children, and poor service. However, our food was excellent, and the service was good. This isn’t a cheap meal, read the fine print for all the charges, and look for on street parking to save a little money. Enjoy the dessert!

Another Thanksgiving was spent in Georgia at the historic Jekyll Island Club ResortI had spent about three days at the hotel as a teenager with my family in the 1970s. I can honestly tell you the place was a rundown wreck. Our room was in the annex, which was also home to a large group of college students on spring vacation. The ceiling had caved in on a room down the hall and was full of pigeons. Even with all that, the hotel and the island so captured my imagination that I had to go back. One Thanksgiving Weekend we made reservations and took the journey. I can tell you a lot had changed. This is no longer a hotel, it is a Resort.


We had a fantastic dinner at the Crane Cottage on the resort property. The weather was perfect and we strolled the grounds after dinner. Again none of this was cheap, so try to take advantage of packages that are offered. (I had saved the menu from that journey, but for the life of me I can’t locate it.)

I must confess that one of our favorite Thanksgiving Dinners is at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant.      T-Giving_Heat-n-Serve_FMTG_1440x390We have dined at Cracker Barrel in a host of states, and even at the one in our own hometown. The food is delicious, the service has always been exceptional, and we’ve even made a few friends. Waiting for a table has been the only the downside, especially if the weather is unpleasant. However, as seasoned pros we bring books, magazines, and in the old days newspapers to pass the time. Cracker Barrel even offers the entire meal-to-go, but we prefer dinning in. Many of the locations on a cold Thanksgiving Day have nice a fire going that warms the entire restaurant with an old-fashioned comfort you just can’t find anywhere else.

No matter your location, we at Lovely Things NC hope you have a wonderful meal with family, friends, or even strangers this Thanksgiving.

We’d love to hear your Thanksgiving adventures. Please share.

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