While listening to Debbie Macomber’s Twelve Days of Christmas, I was enraptured with good spirit and decided to head to Walmart.  Today is Friday before Thanksgiving and I needed a few essentials to get us through the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I visit Walmart regularly for basic essentials especially now that I’m retired and have more time to study food labels and hunt for bargains. Today’s experience was like most of my Walmart experiences, although there was a bit more traffic and people. But filled with the spirit of kindness from Ms. Macomber’s holiday book, I took the extra congestion in stride.

As I maneuvered the Walmart parking lot, amazingly a space opened up close to the front door. I’m not opposed to walking from the back forty, but this was a welcome treat. Then from the corner of my eye, I spotted another car headed for the space, so enchanted with the spirit of kindness, I resigned myself to continue looking. Just then I realized that the other car was going to pull through as another car was exiting and both of us could park close to the entrance.  The other driver pulled up a little too far, so once more with my zeal of kindness,  I assisted with directing her to back up; neither of us wanted a collision. She thanked me. I continued inside on my mission.


My usual routine is to collect my cart and complementarily sanitizing cloth to wipe down the area where most germs reside. My Walmart does not accommodate shoppers by placing the hand wipe dispenser beside the carts, instead the container is located in a place designed to stop traffic. Which is a topic for another blog.

I would say that 60% of today’s shoppers were over the age of 50. My peeps!  Instilled with kindness, I patiently waited my turn to retrieve a few items from the shelves,  and stopped to speak with another (somewhat older woman) about cleaning products. She seemed a little confused, and my spirit was such that offering some free advice was the right thing to do.  After our label reading lead to a selection, we talked for a moment about the upcoming holidays.

I proceeded to collect more items; the Boston pork butt to go into the crockpot with a big jar of Smithfield barbecue sauce for some pulled pork, and scooped up some Cranberry Sprite, which was just the ticket to go with BBQ sandwiches. A bottle of white wine from the Biltmore Estate was an impulse buy but their Christmas wines are very delicious. (Another blog) I also picked up the holiday chocolate coffee creamer that you only find this time of the year. (It’s my little extra additional chocolate indulgence.)  I grabbed whole wheat bread, white sharp cheddar cheese, Roma tomatoes and avocados.

As I collected a few other non-interesting items I mentally checked off my to do list and what I needed to pick up from anther grocery store – the husband wants some Ground Lamb to have with vegetables – yum. My Walmart shopping was complete; time to do self checkout. Walmart self checkout is actually pretty good if you rate and compare self checkouts. (Another blog.)  I’d say they are right up there with the public library’s self checkout. I know the drill so I immediately head for the one closest to the ‘official Walmart clerk’ and state I have alcohol and I’ll ring that up first.  She is very kind and I continue to uneventfully complete my transaction with no more required assistance.


In the parking lot, I load my car quickly, as a young man waits to add the buggy to his long line of retrieved carts from the parking lot. I believe there was extra staff today on hand as I replay my visit in my mind. And then as I begin to get into my car – there on the pavement by my door is a shiny dime; that goes into my Starbucks Treat Myself Jar.

You probably noticed I didn’t buy anything for Thanksgiving dinner and you are correct. If you read our blog regularly you will come to the realization that my husband and I do Thanksgiving either on the road and occasionally with family. This year we will dine at Cracker Barrel. (Our favorite.)  I look forward to it; no leftovers to struggle with, but I can always prepare a small meal anytime of the year. So whatever your plans this year, remember to be kind.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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