War. Fighting for a country to eliminate invading forces is tiring, costly and devastating. Chilbury Ladies choirEach war brings about new challenges as even today we are constantly reminded almost nightly on the news about our men and women in a war far away in foreign countries.

World War II was no different. All the men went away to fight leaving the women to keep the home running. Duties once maintained by men became women’s obligations. In Jennifer Ryan’s novel The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir, the village of Chilbury in England is destined to overcome all the obstacles of war; because if you can’t survive, you won’t be able to see what you accomplished.

So the women of Chilbury use music to persevere. Led by the new choir mistress, Miss Primrose Trent, this village will brave through death, life and even love. Like most every other village, they will protect a Jewish refugee, watch their son’s leave to fight, and labor through blackouts and Nazi attacks.

The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir will sing to celebrate as well as morn; but most of all they will sing to survive another war.

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