Katie L. Oslin is a registered nurse who currently works in North Carolina for the New Hanover County Health Department as a school new nurse. The Details of My Reality is her first novel. Her background as a writer started at a young age with poetry and short stories.

Her novel is about teenager Amy Thatcher. A young woman just entering high school without her best friend by her side. Known as the “ice queen,” Amy is quick to barricade her sweet and beautiful soul. Although young, she is wise beyond her years and nothing and no one is going to get in the way of her achieving her dreams; or so she thinks. Amy’s life takes one traumatic turn after another as she finds herself thrust into difficult circumstances and forced to make even more difficult decisions.

The book can be purchased online at Black Rose Writing.  It will be released to bookstores on September 28th.

Congratulations to this brand new author.

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  1. I read The Details of My Reality, and couldn’t put it down. The book enthralled me to the end. Easy read and touching story

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