Found myself working at a Middle School today. Picked up some tips on Teen Drama and Edge of Your Seat Reads in the media center. It is so cool to hear these young students talking about the books they love to read.

Teen Drama

 What Light by Jay AsherWhat Light

Can Sierra see beyond Caleb’s dark past and discover how incredible he really is? (From the author of Thirteen Reasons Why)


BraveBrave by Svetlana Chmakova

Jensen’s playing the middle school game one level at a time. But what happens when someone cranks up the difficulty? (Graphic Novel)




Girl in a Bad Place by Kaitlin WardGirl in Bad Place

Cara thinks the Haven is a peaceful, organic, unplugged mountain community. But Mailee thinks it’s a cult. Can she help Cara escape?


Edge-of-your-seat Reads

 Girl I used to beThe Girl I Used to Be by April Henry

Olivia is determined to uncover the truth, and the killer is determined to stop her!



The Lie Tree by Frances Hardingelie tree

Can a tree that bears fruit only when it hears a lie give Faith answers to her father’s death?


DisappearedDisappeared by Francisco X. Stork

As cartel violence in a border town escalates, Sara and Emiliano attempt a dangerous desert crossing to the U.S.



What Waits in the Water by Kieran Scottwait water

Did Hannah witness a murder or was it a prank gone awry? Who can she trust now?

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