Since the pandemic, we have not visited our normal allotment of wineries. However, recently some neighbors moved into a new house, and we got word their favorite winery was Weathervane.

We were familiar with the wines, as we were given a couple of bottles from Weathervane when we moved into our new house. Therefore, the process seemed like a pre-destined affair.

Weathervane Winery Sign

Weathervane Winery is a local winery in the Winston-Salem, NC area, but easy to reach from Charlotte or Greensboro. Like many wineries, it began simple and has grown into a place to stop for a host of activities and events.

Exterior of Weathervane Winery

As is our normal tradition on the roadways, Google took us on a scenic route to the establishment. The parking lot was empty when we arrived, so we donned our masks and ventured inside. As you can see from the picture, it is a large place. Built with room for parties, weddings, and all the other things wineries have adopted as part of their regular business practice.

Bottles of Fruit Wine Weathervane Winery

The tasting room was large, featuring bottles of their various wines, and assortment of gift merchandise. We remain leery of a number of venues that require us to remove our masks such as inside dining and sampling. Fortunately, as I stated, we were familiar with their wines, and made our selections with easy.

I grabbed a couple of wine tasting lists off the counter to share, and you can visit Weathervane Wines online. There were two tasting options – Dry Tasting and Fruit Tasting. We have only enjoyed their fruit inspired wines. However, we look forward to a trip back when things have settled so we can take part in a dry tasting.

If you are a Riesling fan, then you should find both the Green Apple Due and Strawberry Breeze to your liking. Each wine is a combination of tastes that are very refreshing without being over sweet. The Rooster Red, a Sangiovese with cranberries is amazing, and we recently enjoyed a bottle of Rooster Black (Merlot flavored with blackberries) with dinner the other night.

Under the dry wines we looked forward to trying their Cirrus White (their Estate Traminette), and Stratosphere (a well-rounded Zinfandel).

Non-wine related footnote: The weathervane was independently invented in ancient China and Greece around the same time during the 2nd century BCE.

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