Under the Southern Sky by Kristy Woodson Harvey

Wow, wow, wow, I have to tell you each part of, Under the Southern Sky, is so brilliantly written you will not be able to put it down. Just hold on for the journey.

Ok, imagine you find a cell phone in a taxi that leads you to the love of your dreams. Then you are so rich, you buy the cab to use to pull off a dynamic proposal.  Gosh, you have to love a novel that takes you away from reality to an adventure of chaos, mess, and then a happily ever after.  It’s even better when parts of it take place in North Carolina. Ok, that part was a big bonus for me because I live in the Tarheel state. However, this book achieves gold stars in all the romance categories.

Now before the happily ever after part, a question has to be answered.  Would you agree to have your best friend’s dead wife’s babies from her frozen embryos? (Try to repeat that question really fast three times.)

Under The Southern Sky Book cover

Now I do not want to give anything away, as if I could, but here is a little background.

Amelia Buxton is an award-winning investigative journalist in Palm Beach, Florida. She works for the magazine, Clematis. The New York Times has picked up her latest masterpiece, “Modern Love”. Overjoyed with success, she rushes to the small apartment she shares with her husband, Thad, to celebrate. Instead of a greeting from her stay at home husband, who is writing a book, Amelia finds Chase – her hairdresser, sitting in his underwear on her couch. Can guess the next part?

In the mix of our tale is our investigative reporter’s mission to sniff out what happens to frozen embryos once the donators no longer claim them, or those donators fall behind on their storage fees. Totally, by accident, Amelia finds a list of names that gives her efforts the legs to be another awarding winning feature and at the same time skirt those annoying HIPPA laws. But, when she recognizes names on the list it places her in a conundrum. Should she or better yet can she, tell her childhood friend that the embryos donated by his late wife are doomed for the garbage?

How do A, B, C, and D (which I haven’t even mentioned) connect into a journey of the birth of an unconventional family, and a happily ever after story? One that even comes complete with an Aunt Tilly; you know – the aunt (or other relative) you’d prefer to keep locked up in the attic. Oh yeah, she’s onboard for this ride.

You can’t help but enjoy, Under the Southern Sky, what I’m calling, one of my favorite Kristy Woodson Harvey books.

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