Liane Moriarty has to be one of the best-published novelists writing today. I have enjoyed many of her books. Her latest Nine Perfect Strangers is a combination of human interest – psycho thriller. When I briefly explained the story to my husband, he said it sounded like a Saw movie, which in turn he had to explain to me. The characters are like a versatile portfolio of men and women; ranging in age and socioeconomic status from Any Town, USA. Some are struggling with divorce, loss of a loved one, bumps in their careers, and the effects of aging. Each, however, is rich enough, to pay the price tag for a one in a million experience at Tranquillum House.

Nine Perfect StrangersThe one common dominator for these strangers is their shared hope in rejuvenation at Tranquillum House, a remote health resort. Tranquillum House is owned and run by the ‘almost eccentric’ and gorgeous Masha, and her assistants, Yao and Delilah. With Masha’s new psychedelic therapy, she plans to transform her clients into reborn, gratifying Masha worshiping individuals.

I must admit, I would love to get away to a quiet retreat; meditation, meals (I do not have to cook), exercise and hopefully beautiful scenery. This is precisely what these strangers thought they were signing up for, but what they got was an experience that changed their lives and futures. Because Masha has put together a secret agenda for these guests. She will force the strangers to bond together to overcome a host of out of the ordinary challenges. Each one will stir the strangers to delve into their pasts, which include lost loved ones and experiences; face fears they did not know existed, and learn about one another and how to survive as a team.

Nine Perfect Strangers is a strange and fantastic read. Enjoy!




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