I must make a confession! I have sweaty feet. Sorry to be so blunt and I hope I have not grossed you out. Summer and winter the old ant-mashers get moist and sticky. The hot months are not so bad, but during the cold months, that extra perspiration on my number-tens get icy.

800px-Alpaca_(31562329701)During a recent visit to a local farmers market, I came across a vendor selling Alpaca socks. Alpacas? These adorable, docile and soft, creatures are prized as pets and cattle around the world. Now many people (including myself) often mistake Alpacas and Llamas. They are related, but while llamas are used as pack animals, alpacas are raised mainly for their soft luxurious fleece.

Now let’s talk about perspiring feet. You may not know this but most of our ham hocks perspire about 20-30- gallons of sweat in total, per year. Wow. Our socks and even our shoes soak up most of that sweat. I’ve tried wool socks, but the gallons of moisture really make them stink and itch. Nylon has never been warm in the winter. That has left me wearing cotton, which really soaks up and holds the perspiration.

Alpaca LabelTherefore, my recent discovery of alpaca socks has been a wonderful surprise. Alpaca is a natural fiber, and naturally hypoallergenic. It is hollow and wonderfully thermal. It does not absorb moisture, rather it wicks it away. So ideally, it is lighter and far less irritating!

With this new found knowledge you might want to consider picking up a pair of Alpaca Socks as a gift for a family member. I purchased mine from Two Pigs Farm, but there are numerous online sellers on eBay, Etsy, and a few independent sock sellers.

Keep those dogs comfortable this winter with alpaca.



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