Quilters Code Quiz

Do you consider yourself a quilter? Can you Talk the Talk? Can you pass the Quilters Code Quiz? Each abbreviation or acronym spells out something. We have helped by including a few words in some of the puzzles. Below find your word key and good luck.

WIP –       ______________   in  _____________

UFO –      ___________________   Object

PHD –      __________________   Half    ________________

NESTY –  ____________   _______________   Started  _______________

PIG –     ___________________   in  _________________   Bag

PFC –     ________________________   Fabric    _______________________

TIH –     ____________________   is ___________________

WOF –  _____________________ of ___________________

VIP –   Very   _______________________  ______________________

TGIF –  ___________________ _____________  its ______________________

WTF –  __________________ the _____________________

STABLE –  ____________   _____________   ______________   Life   ____________


Word Key (Use each word only once)

Work                                    Grocery                             Hope

Progress                              Collector                           Unfinished

God                                       Professional                    There  

Finished                              Expectancy                      Done

What                                    Project                               Project

Fabric                                  Width                              

Thank                                  Important                      

Accumulated                     Not                                       

Fabric                                  Even                                  

Yet                                        Stash                                   

Project                                 Beyond


We want to thank Pineapple Fabrics for the Quilters Code. We took their wonderful list and converted it into a fill-in-the-blank quiz. If you have a Twitter Account you can get the answers Here, or look at our Answer Page.

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