We enjoy Shakespeare. Our travels have taken us to many outdoor and indoor performances. Both of us occasionally pick up a modern translation of the Bard’s works to read a passage or a few favorite lines. I even confess to pulling out my old Cliff Notes from year’s past to refresh my memory on plots, sub-plots, and characters.

Several year’s back I was video taping events at an elementary science fair being held in a local high school. As I wandered the hallways looking for my destination I stumbled across these very clever cartoons (drawings by high school English students) depicting may of Shakespeare’s most famous plays in the simplest, most straight forward fashion.

I found them so refreshing and unique that I snapped pictures of each of the strips and have saved them for a moment just like this to share. Enjoy!

IMG_0530 (3)IMG_0532IMG_0533 (2)IMG_0534 (2)IMG_0535 (2)IMG_0536 (2)IMG_0537 (2)IMG_0539 (2)

Editors Note: As I prepared this post I discovered, what might be, the source of inspiration for these creations. If you enjoy them then check out Good Tickle Brain a Mostly Shakespeare Webcomic

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