51pu7dag7TLThrilled to have published my first e-book on Amazon. Many members of my family have challenged me for years to publish, but writing commercial copy, scripts for documentaries and even news reports has always been so much easier. Last year I took the plunge and began cobbling together a series of short stories based on a character I created when I was 12. It was an amazing experience and has lit a small fire to complete another publication. If you were a fan of the television series Mannix, you might find my collection of stories fun to read. 

Within the pages of this Mike Lander Casebook…

A small caliber revolver was in her right hand, and a dark hole with a kiss of blood adorned her right temple. She was dead! Was it SUICIDE or MURDER? …  Lander snatched the compact binoculars from his pocket. It was a cab. He got the company and the number. Hopefully, it would be enough to save MARIA ELENA … It was VJ DAY 1945. A car stopped at the edge of the road.  The roadsters lights illuminated it all, just not soon enough for the wild driver to react  …  A rich man; a poor man. In this case, both seemed to have the same ADVERSARY … With three hard strokes, Mike moved deeper and closer to the searching diver. It was important that Lander remain HIDDEN …  She was slender with bright flashing eyes. Her luxurious black hair fell in rippling burnished clusters around her face. Was she a KILLER?.

Murder, kidnapping, and counterfeiting. Welcome to Post-World War II California. This is where Private-Eye MIKE LANDER does business.

Get your copy today on Amazon – Slip Horn Jive and other stories

Keep an eye on our blog for the e-pub edition for Nook.

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