Sadly. everyone’s favorite time to read, summer, is quickly coming to an end. However, its not to late to grab something fun and head to the park, the back porch, down by the river, or even to the beach to sit back and enjoy a good book. So kick off your shoes, spread on some sun screen, mix yourself a Watermelon-Cucumber Cooler, and relax and read something fun.



By Clive Cussler with Paul Kemprecos

MedusaMy husband says for a great summer read you can’t do better than Clive Cussler. He prefers the ones about NUMA Team member Kurt Austin, but Cussler has written around thirty books that all offer thrilling adventure.  In this quest, the heroes must locate a missing undersea lab conducting research on a rare jellyfish known as the Blue Medusa. During the search they discover a ruthless Chinese criminal organization, and a secret new virus that threatens the world. Fast cars, planes, submarines, and lots of other gadgets fill the pages of this high-stakes novel of suspense and adventure.
Dearie: The Remarkable Life of Julia Child


By Bob Spitz

This is such a delightful and well written book. While her name and presentations weredearie synonymous with French cooking, and parodies on Saturday Night Live, Child was more than just a TV chef. She was a pioneer who created a food revolution in this country. This wonderful book chronicles her struggles, her travels, her romance with her husband Paul, and her remarkable television career. The author’s style helps to convey the strength, oddity, and voice of this truly amazing woman, as if she were telling you the story herself. The biography is written in almost a visual style, and you can see Child’s life unfold in stark clarity.

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