The Restaurant by Pamela Kelley

I have tried, with success, to find the positives with the burden of the 2020 pandemic. One of the best is the discovery of many new authors. Recently I discovered Pamela Kelley.

Ms. Kelley has been writing for many seasons and has multiple accolades to her credit. I have not read her Nantucket Beach Plum Cove series, but was lucky to receive as a gift from Ms. Kelley a copy of The Restaurant from her newest series, The Nantucket Restaurant. Also check out her latest Christmas novel from this series, Christmas at the Restaurant.

The Restaurant introduces us to three sisters, two husbands, one partner and two children who share one Gram. What recipe can this concoct?

Gram lives in an assisted living community in Nantucket and one of her grandchildren, Mandy lives close by. The three granddaughters, Mandy, Jill and Emma all adore their grandmother who was there for them after their parents died tragically. Mandy is married and has two children. Jill lives in Manhattan and is co-owner of an executive search firm with her partner Billy. And Emma and husband, Peter live in Arizona.

Gram is turning 91 and the sisters are planning a small celebration where Gram lives. Plans were moving along as scheduled until the call that Gram is in Mass General Hospital in Boston and the sisters are called in immediately.

Gram passes peacefully, but leaves a surprise for the sisters – she is leaving them a restaurant. None of the sisters knew Gram actually owned her favorite restaurant, Mimi’s Place. But the women will only inherit if they work together for the next year to keep the restaurant open. Can they do it? What other secrets will they discover about Gram? Will they rediscover the bond that sisters have that has been lost over the years? How will this new adventure affect their husbands and partner?

If you like Debbie Macomber, you will love Pamela Kelley. I look forward to reading more of her books. Happy Reading!

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