Scarecrow Stroll

We are always looking for unique events to attend, and in the wake of COVID many places have launched some really fun one. On a sunny day, we ventured over to the NC Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC to stroll among the scarecrows.

What we discovered were 28 amazing scarecrows decorated by members of the community, local businesses, colleges and non-profit organizations. Themes for the displays were a mixed bag. The Episcopal Church did “Walk in Love,” the Literacy Council did “Wordsmith,” and a local realtor call theirs “No Place Like Home.”

Some of the scarecrows were created in the original stuffed straw manner, while others combined miscellaneous items from around their houses, bags, cardboard, and bee suits to fashion their creations.

The Scarecrow Stroll was included in our admission to the museum, and we got to vote on our favorites.  Rumor has it the museum has plans to make the Scarecrow Stroll a yearly activity. So, if you missed it this year you can check it out in 2021.

More information about the North Carolina Transportation Museum can be found online at 

Below is a slideshow featuring a few of the shining stars at the Scarecrow Stroll. Enjoy.

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