142 Ostriches

by April Davila 

I loved every word of the book. It is awesome.

142 Ostriches Book CoverDavila compacts the events in the book into such a short amount of time featuring a multitude of emotional occurrences.

Tallulah’s mother is a raving alcoholic. Her uncle Scott was a recovering meth user. While her Aunt Christine was a Bible totting loving mother to her five daughters (with a sixth on the way) and cheating husband.  This is why, at 13, she went to live on her grandparents’ ostrich ranch in the Mojave Desert. Over the years, she learned everything about running the egg-producing farm, except the paperwork.

After graduating high school, Tallulah stayed on the ranch, because her grandmother could not run the spread alone once her grandfather passed. However, she felt the pull of making her own decisions and joining the forest service, exploring other lands. Tallulah needed more than her lazy boyfriend, Devon, who always took the effortless way of life. Never offering her any comfort.

Tallulah had never felt genuine love or respect from her mother or grandmother. Both women were distant in their own ways. Tallulah did not fault them for their emotional deficiencies but knew she needed more strength than either could provide.  She needed a better life, with more substance; she needed to escape into the world where she felt she could be accepted as an individual. Tallulah wanted to be important in her own right.

The roof caves in on Tallulah’s plans when her grandmother unexpectedly dies. Tallulah inherits the birds and egg operation. Now the ranch is her sole responsibility. Already overwhelmed, she faces the family vultures who circle the farm ready to scavenge for their share. They poison the ostriches. Her truck conks out and someone steals the bird supplements. With her list of troubles growing, she shoots her uncle, breaks up with her boyfriend, and assists her Aunt Christine in childbirth.

It doesn’t seem this poor girl can get a break. The question is, can she survive until she sells the farm and leaves for the Forest Service? This is a grand adventure about birds with tiny brains and big hearts that, believe it or not, can teach humans so much. Enjoy.

Note: My favorite character in the book is Abigail. Nuff said.

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