Stories We Never Told

by Sonja Yoerg

The first novel I read by Sonja Yoerg was “True Places”; she is a master storyteller.

So when I had the opportunity to read her latest book due out in May 2020, I jumped at the chance. Sonja Yoerg did not disappoint.

Yoerg-Stories_We_Never_Told-28472-PB-FT-v4Jackie Strelitz is a happily married 38-year-old psychology professor married to Miles, who is a bit older. She loves her stable life, but the complications of raising her dysfunctional stepson have her feeling that she is missing her chance of becoming a mother in her own right. Currently, she is at the top of her career and totally focused on work. She adores her sister, brother-in-law and their five children. Playing auntie is a highlight of her life and it seems to ground her.

So when Harlan Crispin, ex-lover and colleague, introduces her to his latest flame, warning signals start going off in Jackie’s head. Could it be that his new love interest, Nasira Amari, one of Jackie’s postdoc students, and much, much younger than Harlan? Or maybe it is the fact that since he began dating Amari, Harlan’s behavior has been off lately? Things take a twist when Harlan makes a display of committing to Nasira, and more disturbing incidents and behavior begin to materialize.

Jackie starts to wonder if she is imagining things. Is this a case of stalking? If so, who is stalking who? Then when Miles can’t account for some missing days, Jackie begins to question his fidelity. Is Harlan trying to punish Jackie for leaving him? Could he commit murder?

Once again Yoerg studies a complex subject; psychopathy and weaves a narrative that whets the reader’s appetite for more. Enjoy!

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