The Things I Know  

by Amanda Prowse 

This is a love story. It is not a romance.

The Things I Know by Amanda ProwseWaycott Farm in Wales was home to Thomasina and her parents. The property had been in the family for generations. But Waycott Farm was suffering under the weight of outdated equipment and procedures which was overwhelming for Thomasina’s parents. To add to the stress, Thomasina’s brother Jonathan was moving to America to work on a horse ranch. The three remaining Waycott family members were just keeping afloat with the help of cousin Emery, who was the only paid help. Thomasina worked at a small bed and breakfast to bolster the family finances, but it just wasn’t enough.

Like her brother, Thomasina had dreams of leaving this hard life. Fatigued with chores, it seemed her only relief was her chickens. She doted on them. The twenty-five-year-old girl had been nicknamed Hitch because of her deformities; a left foot that was shorter; a hand with curled-up fingers, and a mouth that wasn’t complete. On top of the abnormalities, she had a weak heart and insides that were not quite up to the task of functioning correctly. But she was a fighter and her parents loved her unconditionally.

The love her parents bestowed upon her was also a curse in many ways. They never had plans for her to go to college like her brother and worked to keep her on the farm so she would not feel the heartbreak of life in the cruel world. They seemed unaware that her own cousin was a bully who filled her life with pain daily.

One day Grayson Potts from London came to stay in the bed and breakfast. Thomasina was drawn to Grayson even though she knew she was not to get personal with the guests. But Grayson Potts was different. He had no filter and said only what he needed to say with little or no emotion. Grayson and Thomasina found strength in each other to face the bitter world.

It was a short-lived connection, as Grayson was called back to London. But Thomasina did not give up on their relationship. She found she could maneuver the bus system and showed up on his doorstep. Grayson was happy to see her, but his alcoholic mother was not having a floozy ruin her cozy mother/son set up.

If Grayson and Thomasina were to make a go of it, they had to work to make it happen. This is a love story that grew out of weaknesses in two individuals who chose to fight for each other. I hope you enjoy the story of Thomasina and Grayson.

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