I definitely recommend Meet Me in Monaco by Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb. It is a fairy tale that just keeps on giving.

grace-kelly imageWhen Grace Kelly slipped into the Duval Perfumery in Cannes to avoid British photographer, James Henderson, little did she know how this would change her life and the lives of others. Sophie Duval has been struggling with her late father’s business, not only financially, but with discovering her own gifts.

Meanwhile, James Henderson carries enormous guilt he cannot spend more time with his young daughter as he travels on assignment to cover major events as a photographer. Disillusioned by the job that is no longer a dream and its toll on his personal life, James also struggles to make changes in his life.

Meet Me In Monaco Book Cover - CopySo just how does the entrance of Grace Kelly alter the course of a perfumer and paparazzi? And how will Grace Kelly become America’s Princess once she meets the stifled Prince Rainier? Meet Me in Monaco brings all of these characters together for one of the most famous weddings in history. This is a romantic love story and beautifully written.

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