I really enjoy a good comic book convention. Conventions have changed some over the years from primarily bookselling venues to multi-faceted interactive events featuring, comics, toys, costumes, artists, guest speakers, and more, more, more. Since our move to the western part of the state, I’ve found a host other events that appeal to my nerd side. Recently I attend Charlotte Comicon, which advertises itself as The Best Family Friendly, Pop Culture, Comics, & Collectibles Show In The Country! The event is held quarterly at the Embassy Suites Concord Convention Center, a 21,000 square foot ballroom! Comicon organizers use every square inch of the facility, with the main hallway leading to the convention room, filled on both sides with a variety of merchandisers. Inside was a nice showing of talented artists and writers, toys, and best of all comic book vendors.

Skull The Slayer Comic BookNow I’ve been to conventions in Moose Lodges and American Legion Halls where everyone is pushing for the room not only to search through boxes but just to walk around. Things were a little tight at Comicon, but not to the point of uncomfortable. (It was warm in the center, and I did regret wearing a sweatshirt.) I had NO problems flipping through boxes on top and under tables. As always, everyone was super friendly and helpful. Comic book dealers are the best.

I’ve gotten to a point and age in life where I do watch my pennies. When comics broke the $1.00 mark I pretty much stopped collecting NEW. Today I swim through the .50 – $1.00 boxes looking for stuff I’ve read about on Twitter or justKarar The Savage Comic Book strikes me as a fun read. This time around I scooped up Skull The Slayer (highlighted in tweet recommendation), Kazar The Savage (research for something I’m writing), and finally The Phantom (still the greatest comic hero concept ever created.)

The Phantom Comic BookSummer is just around the corner and the granddaddy of conventions Heroes Con is scheduled for June, Charlotte Comicon will have another event August 3rd & 4th, and PulpFest 2019 is also in August in Pittsburgh.


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