Tis the season for Hallmark movies; and who better to bring you Hallmark than Debbie Macomber. Many of her books have been made into Hallmark movies, and I am among those who love her work.

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In her latest novel, Alaskan Holiday, Josie Avery has been working as a cook at a summer lakeside resort in the small remote town of Ponder, Alaska. To her surprise, she has fallen in love with the people, one in particular, Palmer. However, the summer is over, and Josie is on to pursue her dream job in Seattle working for the famous Chef Anton. Things are not as Josie imagined and Chef Anton is a bear of an employer. Josie misses Ponder and Palmer. Working sixteen-hour days and not given an opportunity to use her own creations begin to wear on Josie.

Alaskan Holiday Book CoverPalmer is practically beside himself with grief, but he knows he must not interfere with Josie’s dreams. How will this couple find happiness with each other and be able to follow their dreams?

I hope you enjoy the upcoming holidays with a good book or two. If you are looking for some light holiday reading to get you into the spirit, Debbie Macomber may be the answer. Also check out our suggestions from last year: Holiday Reads for One and All.

Merry Christmas!

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