Cherry Cola Book CoverAs a retired librarian, I enjoy the creativity of authors who incorporate libraries into their stories. Such is the case with Ashton Lee’s A Cherry Cola Christmas. The series is centered around the Cherry Cola Book Club in Cherico, Mississippi. Librarian, Laura Beth and Jeremy McShay have just returned from their honeymoon, and Laura Beth finds herself once again, summoned (more like commanded) to present herself before Councilman Durden Sparks.

Now if you’ve been following this series, you’ll remember that Durden Sparks is the ‘black sheep cousin to the son of darkness’ spreading anything but good cheer to the folks of Cherico. He has lusted after Laura Beth and conceived numerous power grubbing moves to stop the funding of a new library; all to be thwarted by the good folks of Cherico lead by Laura Beth herself. However, the councilman does have good intentions where his little town is concerned, and the recent business closures and dwindling population have left him feeling blue as the Christmas season approaches.

Never before has Laura Beth trusted the councilman; often learning too late of his mischief. Laura never knows what to expect and when she finds him warming up to her and then admitted into the emergency room, the anxiety sets in on ulterior motives. The councilman has been awfully friendly of late; almost as if the Ghosts of Christmas have come-a-callin. It looks like a job for Laura Beth and the book club to take action.

This time of the year we reflect and seek out goodness amidst the sales and ballooning industry of commercialism as the holidays press our Naughty or Nice buttons. So take some time to find a quiet corner and read a feel good book. Enjoy!

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