Lowcountry Boneyard 101118

Susan M Boyer

This is the third in the Lowcountry series by Susan M Boyer, and each book keeps getting better.

Lowcountry Boneyard Book CoverLowcountry Boneyard offers up a mix of two private investigators, one Guardian Spirit (who occasionally appears), a sheriff brother, one little sister, and the best parents in the town of Stella Maris. A small island town off the coast of Charleston, SC where there seems to always be something inexplicable afoot.

Who better to solve the unexplained than PI’s Liz Talbot and her partner/fiancé Nate Andrews. These two find themselves providing serious detective skills to uncover the family secrets that lead to the murder of one of their own. A member of the famous South of Broad Heyward/Bounetheau family whose well-established residency and boatloads of money or sure to keep secrets buried. Secrets that once they begin to unravel lead Liz and her partner down a dangerous, deadly path.

I love the characters  in Lowcountry Boneyard. The pages are filled with a cast of eccentrics. From the loafer goons to the truly Southern Talbot family, who have weekly dinners of country fried chicken and homemade biscuits. Each one makes the novel wonderfully endearing. The scenes are detailed and realistic without dramatics. Rhett, the dog even gets involved at times, and Colleen, the Guardian Spirit (Liz’s dead best friend) is honing her spirit skills, and you can’t help but appreciate all she brings to Liz’s life.

Of course, there is romance as Liz and Nate are finally looking at a future together. While Liz’s dad, Mr. Talbot is thrilled to learn there will be fishing with his future son-in-law.

There is so much packed into this novel; you will love the place descriptions, and the food will leave you salivating. Speaking of food, I believe my crockpot soup is calling, so you will just have to read the novel yourself. It’s good!

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Keep up and enjoy as Liz takes her Kate Spade purse and Sig along on an adventure of mayhem and murder.



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