By Kelly Oliver

Wolf by Kelly OliverWolf is the debut novel of Kelly Oliver, who is a professional philosopher at Vanderbilt University. She grew up in Montana, Idaho, and Washington. Her upbringing and work history is reflected in her protagonist Jessica James.

Jessica is on scholarship at Northwestern University working on her Master’s thesis when her advisor Professor Wolfgang Schmutzig is murdered. Jessica and her pothead friend Jack and his girlfriend Amber discover the body, but leave the scene in a haze after their small attempt to break into his office for a pot-respite from college life. While there, Jessica discovers a letter from her professor recommending her as unfit for the program, which sends Jessica into a tailspin.

Their moves are somewhat comical, but when the Russian janitor almost discovers their antics, they have no idea their actions will lead Jessica on the trail of lost art worth millions and danger. My favorite part – the religion of art. The book is jam-packed with action, well researched and fast-paced; so read carefully lest you miss something good – just the way I like a mystery.

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