The Wedding Dress

By Rachel Hauck 

Book Cover - The Wedding Dress
Book Cover – The Wedding Dress

If you missed this book a couple of years ago, and need a spiritual uplift – I highly recommend The Wedding Dress.

Charlotte owns a bridal shop in Birmingham, Alabama, and has a gift for choosing the perfect dress for her customers. However, she cannot bring herself to find a dress for her own wedding and seems to have doubts about marriage. When Charlotte seeks quiet time and ventures to the Ludlow Estate for solitude, she becomes caught up in an auction where she bids $1,000 on a chest. This chest will change her life as she discovers inside a wedding dress with a past.

Through prayer and research, Charlotte will uncover the mystery of the wedding dress and the stories of three other women who all wore the dress. The gown is gorgeous and fits Charlotte perfectly. Nevertheless, are she and Tim ready to take their vows?

Off the Shoulder Wedding Dress (Under $100)
Off the Shoulder Wedding Dress

What about the father Charlotte never knew? What does she discover about him and her deceased mother? There are so many unanswered questions, but Charlotte’s faith will lead her to the right decisions. I hope you enjoy Christy Award Winner Rachel Hauck and the rest of her books. I certainly approve.


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