We have not shared anything about wine lately, although we have been drinking like crazy. Wait, wait, wait, that didn’t come out right! I should have said, we’ve had the opportunity of late to enjoy some delicious wines.

This suggestion is for a Pinot Noir. Now I’ll tell you I am not a reds guy. Most are way to bitter for me. However, my co-worker and his wife took us to dinner one night to an Italian restaurant where most meals go best with a red wine.  After sampling severalsam_3200.jpg suggestions from our waiter, my co-worker recommended Mirassou® California Pinot Noir. It was a personal favorite of his and he thought even an old stick in the mud like me would enjoy it.

It may have been the meal it was paired with, but I thoroughly enjoyed this wine. I did not get that bitter aftertaste I find with many reds. In fact, this wine had a nice refreshing taste that made it enjoyable to drink.

Later to confirm my satisfaction level I purchased another bottle for a meal at home. Again I was not disappointed. The Mirassou website says that this Pinot Noir uses a fruit forward approach, which is something for me, that makes a good wine. But I do think that the light vanilla notes in the wine are what cuts that bitter taste that always turns me off.

sam_3196.jpgFor our second bottle, we served it with something different. We created a quiche of ground pork sausage, two kinds of Swiss cheese, red onion, peppers, eggs, tomatoes, and broccoli florets. The crust was by Pillsbury.



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