Every time I read a Karen White novel, it becomes my new favorite. Each book is so life like; the characters are a perfect reflection of real people. People with flaws and secrets; not the perfect manicured Hollywood look a likes. The stories are stories we can relate to and see images of ourselves or those we know, making it easy for us to be involved in the plot as if we are there witnessing every move.

In The Time Between we are introduced to Helena, a bitter old woman, who escaped from German’s invasion of Hungry. She carries with her secrets and guilt about life before and during World War II. Eleanor Murray is a companion for Helena, and she to is fighting a host of demons from her own past. Such as her romantic feelings for her brother-in-law and the guilt she carries for her sister who lives in a wheel chair – the result of an accident Eleanor caused.

Together these two women (Helena and Eleanor) of different times cling to their pasts while working out their lives in the present. Moving in the background to help these two people are Helena’s nephew, Finn, who Eleanor also has strong feelings toward. But could it be Finn’s daughter Gigi who will be the force that pulls this family to the future and out of the ghosts that hold them to the past.

Once again Karen White has written a novel that exceeds expectation of the reader by presenting a scintillating tale.

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