The Hush by John Hart

The Hush is six thousand acres of swamp, rock, hills and valleys, forest and mud. It seems to have a soul and come alive or be silent, depending on who is visiting. Animals come and go or sometimes disappear just like the wind and leave no trace of ever existing. The Hush is mystical.

Hart_WP-500x333 - CopyJohnny Merrimon has lived in the Hush for years. He grew up running, fishing and playing there with his best friend, Jack Cross. While Jack has become a city lawyer, Johnny stayed in the Hush and lives on the land. Johnny senses the importance of the Hush and the power it holds; thus he keeps a vigilant eye on the property. But bad things have happened over the years in the Hush, and most without explanation.

Within the Hush lives a force so strong it is inhuman. Men die and children disappear. To Johnny this power is almost like a second skin; a hold that goes from ice cold to burning hot; a power that Johnny can sense. Unknown to Johnny, he has received a gift that allows him to see the Hush in a different light than others. He only wants to be one with the land and for trespassers to go away.

But when millionaire William Boyd is found dead in the Hush, Johnny becomes a wanted man. Johnny will learn more about this power – a power so strong it can beat a man to death like no human force. This power is the result of decades of seating revenge; but from whom?

Mastering the writing of mystic and emotion, multi award winner John Hart has written a beautiful novel.  Mr. Hart is a native of North Carolina and this novel is located (like his first two), in the fictional Raven County named after Rowan County of which he is a former resident. He now lives with his wife and two daughters in VA, but Rowan County, NC will always remember him – especially the public library where he wrote his debut novel, The King of Lies. I hope you will take time to check out one of his books soon. Happy Reading!

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