Karen White EventWhen southerner Merilee Talbot Dunlap moves her two children to Sweet Apple, Georgia, attempting to escape the embarrassment of her husband’s affair with her daughter’s math teacher, her southern roots and memories reemerge. With a little persuasion and a subtle nudge from her new landlady, 90+ year young Sugar Prescott, Merilee will unlock some of her own past experiences and grow as a independent woman. Though there are decades between them, these two women are drawn to open up to each other about their secrets.

As Merilee encourages her daughter to forge new friendships, Merilee finds herself in a den of lions; those lions being the local rich debutante moms that make Georgia famous for hospitality. Though Merilee doesn’t run in the same circles as these women, their children attend the same private school, thrusting Merilee into a questionable social climate. What cost will Marilee pay to keep her children happy while at the same time rebuilding her life after her failed marriage? 

Karen White has written an explosive novel about lifetime secrets built on friendship. But a lifetime of secrets can easily crumble.

The Night the Lights Went Out by Karen White is a gift. This novel is a clever and suspenseful story built on a young woman’s paranoid romance. I loved every word. Read it  with a tall glass of sweet tea on a front porch glider.

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