Earlier this year I discovered a new author, Wendy Tyson, and her series. I jumped right in with the first of her Greenhouse Mysteries – A Muddied Murder. I really enjoyed the untitledcharacters in this book; Megan Sawyer – attorney turned gentleman’s farmer; Denver – the Scottish vet; and Bibi – Megan’s grandmother. Together they will solve a murder mystery, when one of their own town’s people is killed over a historical find. Perhaps a buried treasure lies beneath Megan’s family farm barn that dates back a few centuries. No matter, Megan is determined to make her farm and café successful regardless of all the mayhem. And what’s a murder without pigmy goats, chickens and Gunther, the Polish Tatra Sheepdog. It’s a great read and moves along at the perfect pace.

I had just as much fun reading the second Greenhouse Mystery – Bitter Harvest whichuntitled2 takes place just in time for Oktoberfest in Winsome, PA. Several deaths close to home affect the small town and once again Megan will be called upon to work with Police Chief, Bobby King. I enjoy reading about the expanding sustainable farm; Clay, Megan’s farm manager and his sister, Clover, who is dating Bobby King. The characters begin to develop more in this story.

51bSpyE2DlL._AC_SR160,218_And now we are in the winter and I just finished the third Greenhouse Mystery – Seeds of Revenge. The town has been taken hostage as family members of Merry Chance return to settle old debts. As Megan and Bibi investigate, danger lurks closer than comfortable while at the same time Denver turns up the heat on their relationship. Enjoy these books by Wendy Tyson, attorney and former therapist turned author. Happy Reading!


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