Teddie Lerner has returned to her small hometown of Chance, OH on business. That business being wedding photographer to her best friend’s husband and his new fiancé. Six years earlier Teddie left in a rush during her best friend, Celia’s funeral. What she left behind are a lot of memories – not all of them good. Teddie and Celia had been best friends almost since birth and Celia’s daughter Shayna has especially requested Teddie return for the wedding.

But what Teddie encounters are not only memories and friends, but the emotions and guilt she will face to understand those who feel she deserted them. Amy Sue Nathan has written a book about love and family. But Teddie is not technically part of this family and just how does she fit in, or does she?

This is Ms. Nathan’s third novel. In addition to writing and editing, she enjoys wine and chocolate and is a lover of dogs. All things we hold dear in our home too. I hope you enjoy Left to Chance and check out Ms. Nathan’s other novels.


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