As I read Nicole Baart’s Little Broken Things I wondered how I would find the words to put together a book review. This is book is about a dysfunctional struggling family. It’s about human behavior and how we work to tap down feelings; carry on when we know there must be a better way; struggle to create a life where we matter and show our loved ones only the good sides while burying the bad. All these traits are exhibited in different characters throughout the book. As the characters emerge, they each discover that coming home may be the road to going forward. And a child will bring them all together.

little broken thingsNicole Baart is a brilliant writer and she has successfully written a story about light emerging from darkness. The book is written with a recipe of suspense, love, fear and a sprinkling of lively and scintillating dialog. I couldn’t put this book down. I hope you have an opportunity to read this author.

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