As I wrote this book review the weather was balmy and we had a late shower, which turned into a heavy downpour. As I watched the rainfall I remembered something a retired librarian once mentioned to me – something about bottom shelf reads – look down there for the forgotten books! When the rain stopped I headed to the local library and did find some gems on the bottom shelves. I’ll be sharing those suggestions in the weeks ahead. For now, enjoy checking out these Food & Wine themed recommendations.

Dandelion Wine


By Ray Bradbury

Dan WineThe great Bradbury has been called an autodidact – a self-taught person. While he is most famous for his science fiction writing, this is a good opportunity to look at what he calls a deeply personal novel that is semi-autobiographical and takes place in 1928. I hope you enjoy this month’s look at one of the most celebrated 20th-century American writers from Waukegan, Illinois.


Wine for Women; a Guide to Buying, Pairing, and Sharing WineWine for Women


By Leslie Sbrocco

This author has a lot of bling attached to her name; she is an author, wine consultant, speaker and TV host of PBS/KQED Check, Please Bay Area which can be viewed online. She has been featured in many nationwide magazines; so this month we highlight her first book which is very organized and includes meal ensembles with simple instructions on how to put together the entire meal; and the extras like which gadgets you really need and what to expect to spend on them. And on page 45 she walks you through how to taste wine: See, Swirl, Smell, Sip (Spit?). Have fun with this one!


If you want to get really serious, I challenge you to look at:

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America; volumes 1 & 2


Edited by Andrew F. Smith

These two volumes are full of everything from Airplane Food to the history of the Zombie created by bartender Ernest Raymond Beaumont-Gantt in 1937. The A–Z entries focus on particular foods and drinks, such as Acorn, Bialy, and Supawn; more general categories, such as Ale and Cake; and numerous American brands and companies. There are also brief biographies and descriptions of products and equipment.


billionaires_coverE-Book suggestion this month: The Billionaire’s Vinegar by Benjamin Wallace is an e-audiobook that is available through many library systems Digital Library.



Other book recommendations:

Moloka’i by Alan Brennert

Girls of AugustThe Girls of August by Anne Rivers Siddons

Luncheon of the Boating Party by Susan Vreeland

As Young as we feel by Melody Carlson

Size 12 is Not Fat by Meg Cabot

The Sweet Potato Queen’s Book of Love by Jill Conner Brown

Titan; the Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr by Ron ChernowTitan

The Death of Santini by Pat Conroy

One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Rompole and the Reign of Terror by John Motimer

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