Ah, October! Cooler weather! Oktoberfest! Good Reads! First we have a novel about a young fiddler seeking closure on his life; and of course we need to educate ourselves about beer – The Story of American Beer that is. For those of you who wish to ‘download’ a book on the subject, also check out Cheese and Beer by Janet Flecther.

Fiddler’s Dream


By Gregory Spatz

Jesse Alison was eight when his father, an itinerant guitar player and songwriter, left and headed south. Gifted and determined as a boy, Jesse excelled at the fiddle and at 19 heads for Nashville where he jams at the local Station Inn with older and better players. But unfinished family business drives Jesse to seek out his father, now born again with a new wife and daughter. Spatz writes of the father/son reunion doused with the beauty of bluegrass music. Music lovers will enjoy!


Ambitious Brew – The Story of American Beer


By Maureen Ogle

Beer CoverEver wonder how beer became the fifth-largest industry in America? Thanks to the influx of German immigrants in the late 19th century, American-style lager beer is a booming business today. The German biergartens’ creators founded a new industry that is ruled by titans Frederick Pabst and Adolphus Busch. Cheers!

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