As a Librarian, one of the best things about my job was access to all the latest reading Fin & Ladymaterials; one of the worst things – too many books, not enough time. So I found a sweet little read that didn’t take much time but is packed with a beautiful story. For the nonfiction reader, I’ve chosen a book about the Social Security system. If you’d rather not tackle the Social Security subject, start preparing for the holidays with Gluten-Free Holiday Baking by Ellen Brow, or do a little redecorating with Mike Holmes’ Kitchens & Bathrooms. If you prefer an e-audio book I recommend Fin and Lady by Cathleen Schine. Enjoy!


The Bungalow


By Sarah Jio

It’s the summer of 1942 and nurses are needed in the Pacific island of Bora-Bora to treat soldiers fighting the Japanese only miles from the shore. What must the natives of this non-developed island with sandy beaches and yellow hibiscus where artist are inspired, think of their new neighbors? War on the other side of the world is consuming the lives of so many. This is a story of family, friendships, love, and the knowledge of a gruesome crime on a beautiful island surrounded by war. Who will survive? The author writes a lovely story that only concludes after seventy years.


Social Security Handbook


Social SecurityEver wonder how your Social Security benefit is determined? What documents are required to file for SS? Did you know that ‘adjusted earnings’ not total earnings are used when computing your benefits? Want to know about Black Lung or Other benefits? Are you entitled to Special Veterans Benefits? Are you Self Employed? What about Medical Insurance and Prescription Drug Benefits provided? These are only a few of the questions you can find answers to in this book; you’ll get more education about Social Security than you thought possible.

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